Our mission is to provide the highest standard of patient care and safety.

At Anesthesia for Dental Health, we provide anesthesia services that are safe and comfortable for our patients in the familiar environment of their own dentist or surgeon.

Serving Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Manhattan, Rockland and Westchester County, New York, as well as in Fairfield County, Connecticut and Northern New Jersey.

Meet The Doctors

Martin R. Boorin

Dentist Anesthesiologist

David Pfeffer

Dentist Anesthesiologist

Common Questions

General anesthesia and intravenous sedation are anesthetic management techniques that use intravenous and inhalation anesthetics to provide a means of completing all of your children’s dental needs while he or she is comfortable, pain-free, and asleep. Medication is routinely administered intravenously rather than by gas anesthesia. The majority of our patients receive a light general anesthetic.
You are always present when your child is awake; this includes the beginning of the anesthetic and later during the entire recovery period. Your child will awaken soon after their dentist or surgeon is finished without memories of the treatment, the intravenous tubing, or the monitors. Children typically remember nothing of the dental experience. Within several hours of returning home, they are usually interested only in returning to their usual routines and play.
Dr. Boorin and Dr. Pfeffer are experienced clinicians, trained in the delivery of anesthesia for children. They are responsible for the continuous anesthetic management, comfort, and care of your child.
Prior to your child’s appointment, Dr. Boorin, Dr. Pfeffer, and their staff will contact you to review your child’s anesthesia plan. You will be informed about food and fluid intake restrictions. It is extremely important to not eat before anesthesia. If your child becomes sick prior to the scheduled procedure, you must contact the anesthesia office. Several recommendations will be made in preparation for the day of treatment. This will ensure a smooth transition from your arrival in the dentist’s office to discharge after your child’s recovery from the anesthesia. Children will be tired and sleepy following the anesthetic. You will need to return home and maintain minimal activity for your child until the next day. Your child may return to their regular routine the following day.
We are happy to speak to you at any time during the planning stages of the anesthesia visit, on the treatment day, as well as following the completion of treatment.

Safety Is Our Priority

We understand your concerns about safety and wanting all necessary steps taken to ensure an excellent outcome. The most up-to-date monitors, medications, and equipment are used to ensure our patient’s safety and are equivalent to what is used in the hospital environment. We routinely work as a team with a trained anesthesia assistant. Our anesthesia monitoring equipment and supplies, as well as, all appropriate emergency equipment are brought to your dentist/surgeon’s office and positioned prior to your arrival. Our doctor is always present during your anesthetic, utilizing electronic monitors and his own experience to best care for you or your child. Drs. Boorin and Pfeffer are focused on providing the most appropriate and safe anesthetic at all times.

Caring For Our Patients

The safety and comfort of our patients is our #1 priority! We go to great lengths to make our patients and their families feel comfortable; from the time you schedule your procedure to beyond the conclusion of the anesthetic on the day of treatment. We are focused solely on your care during the procedure - we never treat more than one patient at a time. We are happy to discuss any questions and concerns you may have to familiarize yourself with our services and practice. We encourage you to contact us to have all your questions answered.

Convenient and Comfortable

Patients love the convenience of Office-Based Anesthesia! You arrive 15-30 minutes before the procedure and leave as soon as it is safe to do so, usually within 30 minutes. Your dentist or surgeon uses their own assistant, instruments, and equipment to be as efficient as possible. This reduces the amount of time you, your family member or your child is under anesthesia. No surprises on the day of your procedure! - you will have plenty of opportunities to talk to your anesthesia provider about any concerns before as well as after the procedure.